You Must Invest These 5 Competitive Landing-Page Platforms

If you’re handling the medium business or just having start up, then you must be familiar about landing pages. You may have the products or services are worth creating an individual landing page for. Before moving forward the theme of the blog, we’ll briefly explain what is all about landing page?


Landing Page: Simply, this is a web page that is aimed at capturing attention as well as building first impression of the visitors to convert them into potential customers as well as sales or you can say- leads. One of the effective landing pages briefly tells the visitor:


  • What the product or service is all about & why you should opt for it?
  • What do you want them to do as in giving your email address or subscription button and all?

While designing the landing page, it requires you generally two things i.e. Context & Congruence bear in mind. When it comes to good & aesthetic-pleasing landing page that must match the expectations of the visitors who would just click on a social advertisement or banner. It would simply demonstration none other than the value of the product or service that you offer.

If you’ve already a high-quality text content, then you must have a look at these five competitive landing page platforms in order to guide you properly in the world of landing page designs. The following platforms are cost-effective that medium business or start ups can afford, too. Thanks to these platforms!

By elaborating the ultimate landing page platforms, it would be great if we can tell you in what solutions you need to go with, which matter for you as well as your business. Rather than asking you what to do, proffering simple & competitive landing page platforms in order to create aesthetic-pleasing landing pages, plus highlight advantages & disadvantages of each of them.



The landing page platform- Lander consists of great templates, easy-to-use & absolutely user-friendly. One of the solid options for medium businesses.


  • Absolutely Easy-to-use
  • Design Templates are — simple, fresh & modern
  • Embracing A/B Testing Tool


  • There’s no built-in analytics
  • Including the limited number of domains & visitors per month as well as making it limiting.
  • It is good to start, but be aware that you may need to upgrade it later. However, you need to create more landing pages & you have possessed maximum visitors per month that should mean that the investment should be paid off, and you can easily afford the up-gradation.


  • 14 Day Free-Trail
  • For purchase of an annual plan, it ranges $9 to $ 130 per month with discounts.


The platform- LeadPages can help you to create pages & convert customers. It lacks design flexibility, however, proffers additional impressive features.


  • Consisting of interesting features such as- LeadBoxes & LeadLinks, which go beyond the fundamental landing page
  • Easy-To-Use And Unlimited Domains For All Plans
  • Embracing Built-In Analytics & A/B Testing


  • Miss of complete design flexibility


For purchase of the annual or two-year plan, it ranges from $37 to $97 per month with a significant discount.



In a nutshell, the landing page platform is basic, simple, flexible & cost-effective. In addition, it appeals the crowd of WordPress.


  • Absolutely easy-to-use
  • Charges a one-time fee. Plus, even if you do not renew for the support & upgrades, without a problem, you can continue using the product
  • Completely solid-entry level option


  • Including only 30 design templates to choose from
  • Absence of built-in A/B Testing or Analytics
  • It merely works with Simply, Limited


Ranges from $97 to $297 (one time fee), up to on the plans. The cost includes total 1 year of support. When you want to opt for individual template purchase that are between $8 to $12.



This landing page platform- Unbounce, it is a comprehensive & flexible solution, and providing a lot for medium business more than anything.


  • Embracing one of the most design flexibility by far, all credit goes to drag and drop WYSIWYG editor.
  • With all plans, analytics & A/B testing are available.


  • It is much more than design flexibility where more time is required in order to get familiar with the platform Unbounce.


The plan of Unbounce ranges from $49 to $199 per month.



The platform is absolutely basic & easy-to-use, however, the templates may be so translucent.


  • Easy-to-use
  • Embracing built-in A/B testing & analytics
  • You can use it without signing up, and it is quite spontaneous


  • Consisting of 70+ templates, nevertheless, all are quite plain.
  • Based on membership level, there are still restrictions on customized domains & unique visitors. Therefore, consider carefully while making the choice.


Per month- the platform of InstaPage landing page platform ranges from $29 to $179. However, annual options are not available.


Bottom Line:

Well, all the above-mentioned platforms have numerous features, hence, we highly recommend you to opt for 2 or 3 options among them, which sound best to you, and browse their website to know more.

In a nutshell, the landing page platforms- Lander, InstaPage & Unbounce, all three render a free trail, and you must use them as a trial. Nevertheless, OptimizePress does not have any kind of free trial, however, you’ll get 30 days of free trial, so that you can use it if you find it one of the best options for you. Unluckily, the platform- LeadPages does not offer either of it. All the platforms are worthy. Hence, choose accordingly!

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