Things About iOS 9.0.1 The Developers & Marketers Want To Know

More than a couple of months after the rocky start & madness surrounding of iOS 9- the company has already released an update. Undoubtedly, the World Headquarters (WHQ) is quite excited regarding the impact from the developers to marketers. Right now, we have a lot of things to discuss it as how it is going to boom on the world of iPhone app development & every developer & marketers want to desperately know about it profoundly!


1.Here’s a quick sum-up: iOS 9

From many bug fixes (extended battery life, ad-blocking, etc.) to the bombardment of updates (iPad multitasking capabilities, Siri, etc.), iOS 9.0.1 has become one of the most upgraded operating systems. Howsoever, there is a ton of additional features in an iOS version 9 delivers from Siri’s New Proactive Assistant to 3D Touch that provides visibility inside the apps.


2.Search- you’ll find simply

Probably, one of the most significant improvements, which come with iOS 9, is the one regarding “Search”. This is what we are most crazy about due to all these improvements that embrace the ability to be a game-changer. To discover any information inside apps- there’s a spontaneous search function, which makes it easy for the users. With the availability of new ‘deep-linking’, the users will be able to find out one of the most relevant content within the apps that they have already used. You’ll find out one of the best apps to download & experience without using Google!


3.How does it all effect your app?

Rather than trawling the web in order to seek the relevant results, as the software- Spotlight normally does, it will make use of apps as the primary search channel & deliver one the most relevant results consequently. For instance, if you search in any restaurant using the software Spotlight, and it will take you directly to the relevant section. And, it makes in-app strategy quite complicated. To optimize the app in order to rank higher comparatively rival apps, then you will have a clear advantage- when it comes to downloads, traffic and so on.

All you need to do is that you must adapt the strategy in order to market the app- whether you like it not. This is something a new channel.


4.What should you need to be doing, next

All these new search capabilities come with new opportunities, nevertheless, you can start with concrete steps towards revising the strategies across the app marketing. Simply, it is not at all exhaustive, but you need to be focused, check them out:


5.Make Strategy For App, Web & Marketing

App Plan: First of all, start with reviewing your app content & screens in order to identify- which one should be indexed or whether the content should be indexed privately or publicly. Therefore, be careful, the Apple urging developers not to “over-index” content. By adopting so, it will prioritize outcomes, the users genuinely click on. The content you want to keep private that will work for existing users, on the other hand, public indexing will work best for non-users, which are searching for valuable & relevant content.

Marketing Plan: When it comes to planning for marketing, you have to be sure that deep-linking must be enabled. As the concept- deep-linking ensures that increase in the usage of the app, then it helps to improve app’s discoverability by displaying the content while the users search across the system as well as on the web. Deep-linking is what that how will you communicate what content can be found with the app along with the method to activate the links & the actions to the specific content in the app.

Web Plan: It is pivotal to establish which content on the website can be accessed from the app, therefore, make that content available through “Search”. The thing is that- iOS 9 does support the universal links that take the users either directly into your app or to your website if the links already have installed. It is pivotal to keep an eye on how Search develops & ensure how you are going to adjust the strategies accordingly.
At long last, iOS 9 is offering huge opportunities for both marketers as well as App developers in order to deliver high-impact in-App experiences as well as the content to the wider audience.

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