The most widely used & popular- Ruby on Rails or Rails or ROR – an open source framework which is responsible for custom web application development as well as creating database- driven web applications that can make them more affordable to create & maintain your website.

What Is ROR or Rails?

Ruby On Rails Is An Open Source, that means it is being extended & enhanced constantly keeping up the demands of the modernized web. Moreover, it is strongly supported by a vibrant ecosystem of conferences,skilled hosts & developers, developer tools across the globe.

  • Powerful, Simple, Flexible & Readable
  • Object- oriented Programming language
  • It also follows the principle of MVC (Model–View–Controller) architecture.

Why Do We Love It?

  • From initial concept to finalized one, it allows us that we can take full- fledged working applications very quickly. The process of programming is quite faster as compared to other frameworks.
  • It also let us show clients an early stage of the project that they’ll be able to show them how the website is going to work, and it also aids to deliver the project on shorter deadlines.
  • It is cost- effective! Updates & changes to working apps cost clients very less, due to it encourages consistency & structure in coding practices.
  • ROR also introduces a common project directory structure in the underlying code.
  • It also makes easier for us to use the most recent web technologies- AJAX Programming & API Integration.
  • By dealing with regular code, it will let you focus on the specific requirements very in a very swift & efficient manner.
  • It also supports database like SQL, SQL server, Oracle, DB2 creating the apps better & user-
  • ROR has deployed a strong focus on testing as well as having good testing frameworks.


There is an array of industries which are using mainly ROR as a programming language, due to its simplicity, flexibility & its powerful nature. Here are some tremendous benefits which make it so dynamic:

Whirlwind Launch:

Typically, the website takes almost 12 weeks to launch. Nonetheless, with ROR the complete making of the website is possible within 6 weeks. It also saves massive time! ROR embraces awesome yet functional features as in a modular design, a leaner code–base availability of existing plug-ins.

  • Changes Have Become Easier: Once the website is done, the future modification has become
    quite easier& quick with Rails.

Most affordable Solution:

This is utterly one of the most affordable solutions working with Ruby on Rails. The most noticeable thing is that you do not need to compromise quality, performance or scalability of the website.

  • It is also responsible for the rapid deployment of applications that you can ever imagine. Moreover,you can build secure web applications, too.

Where To Use Ruby On Rails

It is an ideal solution if your website work one of the following categories:

Content Management:

If the goal of your website is to publish abundant articles or media files then opt for Ruby on Rails, this is undoubtedly great solution of the ease, due to it renders easy navigation to users that you’ll be able to upload the content in easiest manner.

e-Commerce :

Due to its user–friendly features & modular approach, this is utterly awesome for an
e-Commerce platform. You can easily upload images of products in bulk without any hassle with the help of the framework.

Customized Database Solutions:

ROR is an ideal way to realize build customized or personalized solutions at a fraction of the time.

Where Not To Use Ruby On Rails

It is not recommended not to use the kind of the “Brochure site” and the “Blog- centric” websites. For these kinds of websites, the better solution must be WordPress content management system. Therefore, there is no need to spend a fortune on this kind of standard websites.

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