Fetching Advantages Of The Latest Trends In Web Development

Every developer has a set of tools, which are indispensable in order to get the job done. In this blog, with new powerful tools & web development trends, which are set to become even more pivotal in the world of technology. Check them out:



This is widely known as the application architecture that is used by Facebook nowadays for building “client-side web applications”.

JavaScript Frameworks seem like they are in a constant state of innovation. It might be a sign that the problem is being solved in a wrong way. Hence, “Flux” is quite simple & easy-to-work-with as well as pairs great with REACT (a JavaScript library for building user interfaces).



Well, React (an open-source JavaScript Library) is not new, nevertheless, it has kept winning the hearts as well as the minds of engineers. A slew of frameworks such as Angular, Ember are all embracing React that means a unidirectional data flow & DOM-diffing are a proven pattern.



Fast, flexible & pragmatic- PHP (a popular general-purpose scripting language) is due for upcoming years also. Apart from this, for the web development, PHP still gets things right when it comes to the fast feedback loop.


Motion UI

It Is The New Flat!

In order to foundation of applications embrace three main parts, including:

  • The Grid

  • Angular JS Integration

  • & Motion UI

Along with Motion UI, Google’s Material Design is also an emerging craze that you’ll see a lot, undoubtedly. When it comes to the analysis of Motion UI, it includes Animations, Transitions, Motion Modifiers & Production-Ready Animations. Motion UI is originally part of Foundation for applications, but with the newest version of it, it has been updated with additional features.

Motion UI is a Sass library for creating CSS animation. The new version of Motion UI comes up with better transition option, CSS patterns & an animation queuing system that you can easily adjust with any JavaScript Library. It gives the finest control over- how your animation works!

Hence, Motion UI is a new flat!


Again! Responsive Design

Wearable technology continues to grow in popularity that we usually expect the challenges in new designs that are presented by diverse devices. In order to support or fit on every screen regardless of screen or shape is what responsive design is all about! Here’s the new design framework- Semantic UI is looking really appealing specifically for app design.


The Web UI Components

As we discussed earlier that both The Polymer & ReactJS grow in popularity as developers move more reusable dynamic components. Invented by Facebook- the ReactJS is a framework agnostic as well as using some fancy & new techniques in order to quickly build user interfaces.

When it comes to The Polymer, it is a larger framework that allows you to create client-side applications as well as incorporates mobile-ready designs.


The Attributes Of New JavaScript

The new buzz in the world of web development is called as WebGL 3D will become increasingly popular as browsers in order to enhance speed as well as capability. In addition, HTML5 JavaScript APIs will have enhanced support in browsers (Android & iOS).


Single Page Applications

In order to rapid development in technology, you’ll see the single page applications that are being produced. Hence, single page applications, the concept is a kind of future & upcoming latest trends in web development.



The web app developers build web APIs, which is utilized by their web app as well as their native apps. It is also started to happen & will almost increase in popularity as a single code base, and this is something easier in order to maintain.



This social networking service- Instagram has just passed Twitter in terms of a total number of users that means a movement away from micro-blogging as well as the big demand for image sharing applications. Hope that to see more creative ways in order to share images & videos as the new technology becomes available. Moreover, you should also concentrate for development & trends within other image-based sharing applications such as Pinterest & SnapChat.


At Long Last, Internet Of Things

IoT is abbreviated as Internet of things is the network of physical objects, which contains embedded technology to communicate & interact with their environments as well as each other. Right now, there are a lot of devices are becoming network-accessible. Numerous industries already have the kits, which make home appliances smart. We highly predict that IoT software platforms will continue in order display hardware. However, much of the early hype has been regarding high-tech wearables as well as wireless technologies.

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