As we’re an India-based eCommerce web design company, we’ve spoken a majority of people around the globe who are inquiring about services but express this sentiment about the company’s website. The clients have been asked as they have the website, but they don’t completely understand why & they also don’t think of putting so many efforts as it all needs to be put in the arena of web design & content creation.

Sometimes, clients do not realize that their business’s website is the main base, crux, persona or digital presence of their business. All top of it, the Internet is a critical space to compete in today’s world of economy. With the best website, they can present themselves as a relevant brand.


Does Brand’s Web Presence Really Matter?


Regardless of how exactly the clients express that, but the website of any business or brand is a little box as it is required to check off on the path to bigger & better things that must pan out in the world of business, no matter the size of it.

In order to see things this way would avoid the reality as the Internet is one of the largest & the busiest marketplaces.

It also reduces the web presence of the web application development company down to the equivalent of 2×3 inch business card, which lists your name & contact information.

Do you think that a website can be?

Whether you consider full sheet flyer or silver of cardstock, there is no way that you can fit the photo gallery that showcasing the services.

-When it comes to testimonial section, it will show the quality of your work.

-The blog posts speak about your industry expertise.

-The online or virtual store speaks about the customers to purchase as what you are offering.

All we need to say is that – you need a very ‘powerful website’ to do all of these things.


The Business’s Website Should…

When you are looking to hire an agency to build the website for your business, then you are going to create requirements & set expectations for performance. Here are few pivotal points that you should focus:

  • Represent absolutely your brand & services.

  • Embrace your culture.

  • Fulfill the standard requirements that you set for it.

You don’t even think to run a business without employees. So, in the same manner, a powerful website is mandatory. It should exist on the internet that should shout out loud as your brand actually deserves.


Website’s Position Matter For Your Success

Take a moment to assess the website.

Is the website grabbing the leads for a salesperson?

Is it actually moving your products?

Is it connecting potential customers to the content as they need to make the decision in your favor?


Do You Feel Like A Digital Partner?

It would be great if the website is producing results as what you are looking for. At ClickRipple Solutions, we’re a digital marketing company, we’re a team of web developers, designers & digital marketing experts, ready to celebrate due to the reason you’ve got a great savvy on what a website can & should be doing in 2017 & the upcoming years. As the digital landscape is drastically changing.


Let Us Make Your Website

Here at ClickRipple Solutions, we’d love to be the team of experts in web development, design & SEO experts. We are eagerly waiting to help you elevate your business & make visible online.


If you are one of the brands who is looking for ways to grow as a brand, talk to us.



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